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La Reina Mora / Alma de Dios

La reina mora / Alma de Dios

[dual program]

Approximate duration: 2 hours and 45 minutes

José Serrano

La reina mora
Comical story in three tables by Serafín and Joaquín Álvarez Quintero

World première at Teatro de Apolo, Madrid, 11th December, 1903

Alma de Dios
Folkways comedy in one act and four scenes by Carlos Arniches and Enrique García Álvarez

World première at Teatro Cómico, Madrid, 17th December, 1907

New production of Teatro de la Zarzuela

Double programme dedicated to the Valencian composer José Serrano, with texts from some of the most outstanding dramatic authors of the early 20th Century: the Álvarez Quintero brothers and Carlos Arniches, the latter in collaboration with Enrique García Álvarez. The setting of La reina mora in Seville, with its mystery and humour, always wrapped in the pleasantness with which the Álvarez Quintero brothers developed their works, clashing with the cheeky, pithy vision of the lower classes of Madrid in Alma de Dios. In both cases, a woman has her opinion compromised by other people's remarks

SYNOPSIS La reina mora

Scene I A lively working class district of Sevilla. The topic of conversation is the arrival in the area of a beautiful young girl (Coral). She has moved here recently and lives as a recluse in an old house called “La casa del duende”. The neighbours are bewildered but intrigued by this situation. They call her “The Moorish Queen” and are very attentive to the slightest movements in the house. A man (Cotufa) comes and goes at the end of each day. The locals asume he is the young girl’s lover. Meanwhile, the passersby congregate at her window and listen to the man’s voice. Among the busybodies is Don Nuez, a boastful type and the official Don Juan of the neighbourhood. He wants to seduce Coral. Scene II The visitors’ room at the jail. Coral has come to see her fiancé Esteban who is a prisoner here. While he serves his sentence, Coral has decided to stay inside her house, locked away from the outside world. The reason: her fiancé is in prison because he attacked a man in her defense. Scene III In front of the “Casa del duende”, Don Nuez is preparing a serenade for Coral because Cotufa has told him he can have the girl. However this is the very day Esteban has been released from jail so our Casanova will be left to woo a cockatoo.

SYNOPSIS Alma de Dios

Scene I A house of modest dimensions in Madrid. Señor Matías is busy with chores and preparing a meal. He is terrified that his wife Ezequiela will appear. She arrives and they sit down to eat, along with Sr Matias' friend Saturiano. Then they are interrupted by Eloísa, the fianceé of Agustín, who in turn is the nephew of Ezequiela. The young girl is both afraid and overwhelmed because the family that took her in as a child has accused her of something that might ruin her life.To prove her innocence, the whole family goes to the church of San Lorenzo in search of a certificate of baptism. Scene II In the church. Señor Adrián, who is part of the family who looked after Eloísa, is also after the same baptismal certificate. Everyone else arrives on the scene. It would appear that Eloísa is guilty but Ezequiela is in disagreeement with what is written on the document and swears she will discover the truth. Scene III The Street. From his chesnut stand, Señor Matías keeps an eye on the members of Eloisa’s family. At the same time he watches the young girls. These are a constant distraction for him and the cause of frequent problems with his temperamental spouse. The watchman put them on the track of the gypsy camp in Las Cambroneras. Scene IV In a dwelling of Las Cambroneras. Irene and her mother la Señá Marcelina are hiding the target of Seña Ezequiela's investigation. She finds out the truth but cannot avoid her indiscreet husband from being deceived and tricked.

Dates & Times

January 18, 19, 20, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 30, 31 and February 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, 2013
8 PM
Sundays, at 6 PM

Audience days
January 30 and February 6
Subscription performances
January 18, 20, 23, 26 and 31; February 2 and 8

Artistic Team

Music director:
José María Moreno
Stage director:
Jesús Castejón
Ricardo Sánchez-Cuerda
Jesús Ruiz
Nuria Castejón
Juan Gómez-Cornejo
Cast - La Reina Mora:
Cristina Faus, Miguel Caiceo, Aurora Frías, Charo Reina, Sonia Castilla, Amara Carmona, Esther Ruiz, Juanma Cifuentes, Paco Ochoa, Ruth González, César San Martín, Daniel Huerta, Román Fernández-Cañadas, Francisco José Pardo, David Tavares and José Antonio Camacho «Piripi»
Cast - Alma de Dios:
Jesús Castejón, Cristina Serrato, Alfredo Alba, Cristina Marcos, Manuela Velasco, Albert López-Murtra, Juan Viadas, Jesús Alcaide, Encarna Piedrabuena, Esther Ruiz, Joaquín Climent, Tomás Pozzi, Ainhoa Aldanondo, Amelia Font, Cristina Faus, Juanma Cifuentes, Amara Carmona, Aurora Frías, Miguel Caiceo, Alejandro Roy and Paco Ochoa
Cristina Arias, Carmen Angulo, Remedios Domingo, María Ángeles Fernández, María López, Pedro Fernández «Embrujo», Alberto Ferrero, Francis Guerrero, Richard López and Francisco Leiva
Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid
Resident orchestra of Teatro de La Zarzuela
Coro del Teatro de La Zarzuela
Antonio Fauró

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La reina mora-Alma de Dios