Lady, be good! / Luna de miel en El Cairo

Lady, be good! / Honeymoon in Cairo

[Double program]

Approximate duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes (with interval)

Lady, be good!
Musical in two acts by Guy Bolton and Fred Thompson
Music and lyrics by GEORGE GERSHWIN and Ira Gershwin
Worldpremiered at Liberty Theatre in Broadway, Nueva York, December 1st, 1924
Premiere in Spain

Honeymoon in Cairo
Operetta in two acts by José Muñoz Román
Worldpremiered at Teatro Martín in Madrid, February 6, 1943

New production of the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Lady, be Good! was not George Gershwin’s first musical, but there is no doubt that it was his first great Broadway hit. The musical ran – having originally premièred in Philadelphia and New York in 1924 – for around a year, and it also received good reviews in London in 1926. Gershwin’s work did not depart much from the norm for the genre, that is, a simple sentimental story, with the odd touch of humour. What is impressive about this musical is the perfect relationship between the songs and the story being told, between the tunes and the character’s personalities, and also the order of the numbers, which works so well, each following the other with masterly coherence, as befits Mister Music.
Francisco Alonso’s Honeymoon in Cairo signified a moment of transition: it transformed the genre and it changed the destiny of his favourite stage at the small Teatro Martín in Madrid. The work was not only the new approach which was exemplary, the plot and the placing of the musical numbers were equally well done. Alonso’s orchestration on this occasion was very good too. Honeymoon in Cairo, with its mixture of elements from Central European operetta combined with Spanish reviews and North American musicals, was a proposal which was both novel and full of serious intent. The reaction of the audience of the time was enthusiastic. Without a doubt it is one of Maestro Alonso’s outstanding creations.

Dates & Times

January 31; February 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15, 2015
7 PM (Sundays, at 6 PM)

Subscription performances
January 31; February 5, 6, 7, 8, 11 and 12

Artistic Team

Kevin Farrell
Stage direction
Emilio Sagi
Daniel Bianco
Jesús Ruiz
Nuria Castejón
Eduardo Bravo
Maestro repetidor
Roberto Balistreri
Assistant to the music director
Craig Barna
Asistant to the stage director
Javier Ulacia
Sets asistant
David Rodríguez
Costumes assistant
Isabel Cámara
Lights assistant
Antonio Castro
Auxiliary to the stage director
Diniz Sanchez
Lady, be good! (cast)
DICK TREVOR Nicholas Garret, SUSIE TREVOR Jeni Bern, JOSEPHINE VANDERWATER Gurutze Beitia, WATTY WATKINS Troy Cook, BERTIE BASSET Sebastià Peris, DAISY PARKE Letitia Singleton, JEFF WHITE Carl Danielsen, JACK ROBINSON Paris Martin, SHIRLEY VERNON Talía del Val, MANUEL ESTRADA Manel Estève, RONALD PARKER Sergio Herrero
Luna de miel en El Cairo (cast)
EDUARDO David Menéndez, RUFI Enrique Viana, REGIDOR/SECRETARIO Manel Estève, DON CELESTINO/MINISTRO DE LYMBURGO Eduardo Carranza, MYRNA Mariaola Cantarero, MARTHA Ruth Iniesta, MARISA, LA SASTRA/MÁRGARA María José Suárez, PIANISTA Celsa Tamayo, LUCÍA SÁNCHEZ Isabel González*, CHICA/HILDA Paloma Curros*, CHICA/ZELDA Carmen Gaviria*, ROSARITO ALZADA Remedios Domingo
* Miembro del Coro del Teatro de la Zarzuela
Cristina Arias, Remedios Domingo, Antonio Corredera, María Ángeles Ferrer, Alberto Ferrero, Olivia Juberías, Joaquín León, Ricardo López, Helena Martín, Daniel Morillo, Silvia Rincón, Luis Romero, Cristhian Sandoval, Rosa Zaragoza
Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid
Resident orchestra of the Teatro de la Zarzuela
Coro del Teatro de la Zarzuela
Antonio Fauró

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Lady, be good! / Luna de miel en El Cairo

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